What kind of television programs can I watch with Dave’s Antenna?

All of your favorite network TV programs.

ABC CBS NBC FOX ION PBS and many more are all available for free over the air.

Visit www.tvfool.com to determine what is available in your area.

How difficult is Dave’s Antenna to install?

Its easy, anyone can do it. You simply:

1. Secure the antenna to a window or wall closest to the tv towers in your area using tape or thumb tacks.
see www.tvfool.com for TV tower location.

2. Connect the supplied coaxial cable to the antenna and back of your TV.

3. Scan for TV Channels,
That's all there is to begin enjoying FREE high quality television programming.

What if it doesn’t work at my location

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.
If Dave's Antenna does not work for you, We offer free online and telephone support to assist you in getting the most from your antenna.
If for any reason our attempt to solve the problem is not satisfactory, just send the antenna back and we will cheerfully issue you an immediate refund. No questions asked.